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From the Desk Top of Kerrie Mercel
Written on June 30th, 2018
Kerrie Mercel has operated successful businesses for over 25 years. As a Qualified Coxswain, Service Technician, Sales & Marketing manager she owned and operated the largest scuba diving center on the Gold Coast.
Then for over 10 years Kerrie Mercel was Australia’s #1, most trusted property expert and master of a variety of skills, home building, renovation, strata titling, project management, property investment strategies, negotiation and joint ventures.

She has an intuitive flair for finding either undervalued, value add andgrowth assets, that have almost instant capital g rowth potential. She has been successfully buying, selling & developing real estate in Australia for over a quarter of a century.
Currently Kerrie Mercel, inspirational speaker, author & facilitator for the health and wellness industry. She enjoys working with professional business women helping them to find the power to live life on their terms, fast! 

Creator of Clarity Designer of “The Money Game”, 
Author of “Degrees Of Disgusting” 
Clarity is a brand new tool that accesses your sub-consciousness and releases trapped emotions, thoughts & feeling from the past, quickly and effortlessly in less than 10 minutes. 
She has been teaching and on her spiritual journey for the last 30 years. Kerrie is passionate about serving humanity & conducting webinars & live events to help others get to where they want to go.
"We all have thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are holding us back." Kerrie exclaimed. "What if there was a tool that could instantly make you feel better using your own natural releasing abilities would you grab it by the neck and not let it go?" 

"Well there is! It's a world exclusive and available right NOW. Check out Clarity." 

Back to her old profession as an IT expert Kerrie Mercel was hosting business meetings for women.

Conscious Motivated Business Women used to meet monthly to support each other in business in the SE Queensland area. Currently we are taking a well earned break. >>>
Kerrie Mercel
Founder of
Creator of Clarity
Clarity Cards are helping people all over the planet. 

CLARITY the BRAND NEW WAY to change the way you feel, find answers around what is stopping you in your tracks, and smash through your blocks quickly and effortlessly.

What is stopping you from abundance? Find out by having Clarity in your life! Click here NOW!


She moved to IT in the early 1990’s and made the dive store incredibly successful to international travelers by creating one of the very first Australian Diving web sites.

After obtaining a Diploma of Technology Alien Infotech her I.T. company of 10 years was designed to problem solve computing issues and create business websites.

Writer of the 5 star book, “Warning, sharks are circling the property investment pool”. Kerrie speaks, MC’s, Mentors, Masterminds, Blogs, Writes Articles, and Creates Education Systems.

Winner of the Your Property Magazine 2011 Renovator of the Year. Winner of Rick Otton’s Most Successful property deals. Renovator, Property Recycler, and Mentor she turns ugly property money pits into delightful, dollar making cash cows.
Kerrie is passionate about helping entrepreneurs in third world countries to acquire micro loans that change lives She loves a challenge and “to get in and mix it up“, always thinking outside of the box “seeing the unseen “potential before others, and has a skill of “turning a lemon into lemonade “with her magical touch.

Kerrie is an advocate and a leader when it comes to action; efficiency with a warts and all approach.
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