Kerrie Mercel Public Speaking At Your Events...
Some Topics That Kerrie Public Speaks On...
  •  The Money Game, Create More Money & Wealth Starting NOW!
  •  New Techniques to Incredible Health, Wealth & Relationships!
  •  Thinking Property is the Answer, Remove Your Blocks First!
  • Leading Change: Amplifying Your Potential in Disruptive Times!
  • Stop Being a Fraud & Start Showing Your Awesomeness!
  • What You Don't Know is Really Hurting You, Find Out What It Is!
  •   How to Ensure You-re Set Up For Success & Welcome Abundance!
Ask Kerrie to personalise a topic for your event, business,  property,  IT,  money, mindset, health, spiritual, wealth, relationships & having fun available.
Kerrie Mercel's Public Speaking Journey 
1995 Kerrie started her speaking journey with a presentation to MESA [A committee set up out of Seaworld, Gold Coast] to educate the community on marine creatures and how to protect the sea. At Sea Week she spoke in front of 250 people on local marine creatures at an all day event she ran in conjunction with Seaworld. 

The Internet & business was very new in Australia so Kerrie created a host of workshops that helped business sell their products and services all around the world. Kerrie now helps business work out what they want to do online and provides a suite of tools like a Free Headline Copy Writer to assist businesses in writing powerful copy that has the reader reading all the way to the end of the copy.

2005 Kerrie entered property development and renovation full time. Property Prospects Australia became an award winning business. Kerrie hit the seminar circuit showing property enthusiastic how to make money in the property arena speaking at other peoples events, using a no frills property approach.

2016 Kerrie was stopped in her tracks by illness. She spent this bed time creating Clarity, a simple tool where you can answer your questions then release the blocks around what is stopping you from moving forward. Clarity has become a very popular topic and she has also created the Money Game for those who are blocked with money.

IT, property & mindset are the topics Kerrie Mercel is happy to speak about. With 30 years of business experience and a fun way of presenting.
Kerrie Mercel Previous Public Speaking Events
  •  The Power to Live Life with Clarity & Passion
  •  Seaworld - Sea Week Mesa
  •  Property Prospects Australia Live Events
  •  Brisbane Property Networking Group
  •  Red Tent Australia Retreat
  •  Truth to Power - Commonwealth Games Event
  •  Jeffrey Slater the Path of Alchemy
  •  Logan Food Gardeners
  •  Social Media Marketing Brisbane
  •  plus many more see below for other suggestions.....
Consciously Creating Prosperity "the Money Game" click here for more information
Heal painful inherited beliefs about money & scarcity. 
Restore your financial relationship. 
Become healthy, successful & abundantly wealthy.

For some of us, playing the money game will probably stir up powerful feelings and reflections. We encourage players to accept and welcome all of your feelings and reactions, and to use them as grit for the mill, to help pinpoint places where you wish either yourself or society to change. 

“you don’t know what you don’t know”.
Other Topics Kerrie Can Speak On...
How to love your partner even more.
Help, my partner is driving me crazy!
Why focusing on yourself can help in relationships.

Property, Wealth & Investments
Why do I lose more than I win when I trade the markets?
I'm stuck and want to create wealth and abundance.
How do I make more money, spend less and be happier?

Fun & Travel
Does criticism make you cringe?
Grumpy, tired, stressed? Come and let go it's time for fun!
What is stopping you from booking your next cruise?
Work & Business
How to generate new money by letting go of old beliefs.
Create passion and really love the work you do.
Finding you work/life balance and what is important to you.

Health & Fitness
How to let go of pain and suffering?
Why do I eat the whole block of chocolate?
I hate going to gym, even putting my runners on nearly makes me sick.

Spiritual & Emotional
What is stopping you from loving you?
Accessing your heart desire.
Letting go or old baggage.
Fun Releasing Parties To Support You & Your Friends in Your New Journey Together.
Would you like to experience deep, gentle positive change in your health, wealth, success and relationships?  This easy to learn technique shows you how to let go of any negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and ‘wants’ on the spot that you have suppressed and may not be aware of blocking your experience of a happier, healthier, balanced life.  Let go of all sense of lack and limitations. 
Show and Tell at the Logan Food Gardeners
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