Testimonials From Several of Kerrie Mercel's Businesses
Testimonials from the Conscious, Motivated, Business Women's Lunches
Never before have I been so accepted and inspired as I was walking into conscious business solutions meeting. Thanks you everyone for your support. C.

Really good. Inspired to work to achieving my intentions for the next month. C.

I’ve always found it hard to speak about my business. I could easily talk about friends businesses with confidence and give lots of referrals, but not mine. Over the past 3 months everything had changed. Coming and participating at the conscious business solutions lunches has completely transformed how I feel about my business. I’ve had the best months ever in my business. I’m confident, supported and optimistic. I wouldn’t miss this lunch for the world, thank you Kez. J.

Thank you for the really brilliant time and opportunity to come. L.
Well led meeting made me feel at ease… J.

This opportunity is life/business changing. Thank you so much Kerrie, can’t wait for the next one… J.

Meet to grow not just personally through Red Tint but now in business too. H.

This is exactly what I need to be supported by like minded women. K.

Great group of women to help get your business to the next level. K.

Really enjoyed structure, good ideas and feeling of contentedness. P.

Fantastic practical approach to developing goals and making conscious business decisions. A supportive and fun environment for women to grow their business potential and confidence. B.

I enjoyed the meeting and activities we did, success, challenge and intention. N.

Loved it, glad I have both membership with Red Tent. W.

Great opportunity, thank you. Keep on keeping on. J.

Great meeting, supportive, informative, fun. J.

Well run, good focus, great questions to make you clear on what aspects, FAB.

It was what I needed to ground myself and focus on my business, thank you Kerrie. P.

Excellent,  took away the fear of advertising thank you. J.

Once again I am Blown Away by the connection and the empowerment generated. Well done Kerrie what a valuable service you are providing. Fabulous, so inspiring! J.

Great as always keep it up Kerrie you are really helping us. J.

Very informative and motivating. M.

Enjoyed the event and all the ladies are very warm, interesting. S.

I would recommend coming to the group I had an amazing day, had a great experience thank you. A.

It was informative educational and fun thank you Kerrie & Sharyn. M.

Very informative lifting I like the accountability for goals next month. T.

Always enjoy the business meeting, lovely companionship Kerrie keeps us on track, knowledgeable & informative. J.

Amazing group of inspirational women. Business focused and accountable. Catch up very valuable, great forum to practice public speaking and your sales pitch. T.

Amazing experience. I am new to setting intentions and talking about my business, was helpful. Kerrie was helpful and friendly. V
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